Long Term Insurance Disability Law Firm In Scranton, PA

With many years of experience we have been helping clients through effective preparation and relentless follow-through in order to achieve their desired results. In most long term insurance disability cases, insurance companies will often try to settle for as little as possible. That’s why it’s important to hire the right long term insurance disability attorney to represent you.  

At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we have been negotiating with insurance companies throughout Scranton in order to get the appropriate dues that our clients deserve. We negotiate with them so that when you are going through your long term insurance disability case, you can get the right compensation in order to cover the necessary medical expenses.

At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we can offer you a consultation to discuss your long term insurance disability matter. We want you to know every detail of how we will assist you to achieve the most success with your current legal matter. Our Scranton firm will guide you through this process to achieve the results you expect toward your case. We will not charge attorney fees until a recovery is made on your behalf. 

The legal profession does not have the best reputation for friendliness, but the long term insurance disability representation at Edelstein Martin & Nelson makes an extra effort to relate to our clients. Sometimes we have to be strict in our representation, but after many years, of practicing the law  we know the best attorney-client relationships  is one built on trust and open communication. Contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson today using the information below to schedule a free consultation: 

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