Erisa Claims Law Firm In Lancaster, PA

At Edelstein Martin & Nelson we maintain client's information with strict confidentiality. We understand that confidentiality rules within the Lancaster area exist for your protection. Edelstein Martin & Nelson is very aggressive when it comes to protecting the rights of our erisa claims clients. 

Getting leverage in a dispute in Lancaster demands that you work with a skilled counsel. If you are challenging an insurance company in a erisa claims claim for an accident that happened due to the negligence of another, Edelstein Martin & Nelson is here to help you. We provide experienced counseling so you are not facing your insurance company alone in Lancaster.  

At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we have many years of experience helping clients fight for the justice they deserve after a erisa claims caused by someone elses negligence. We understand how important it is for injury victims to get the financial support they need to fully recover from their losses. Edelstein Martin & Nelson at Lancaster treats every case and every client with professionalism and personalized attention. Edelstein Martin & Nelson is here to help you move your erisa claims forward today and get you the results you want. 

There are always important decisions happening with erisa claims law, and Edelstein Martin & Nelson stays up on everything.  Through journals, review bulletins and networking with other attorneys, Edelstein Martin & Nelson has an extensive system to ensure our practice is up-to-date.  While we love the law, our erisa claims council are always available to you.  We have learned many years of practice this is the best way to ensure  clients feel comfortable with their case.  Contact us today to speak with a erisa claims professional.

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