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Edelstein Martin & Nelson works hard to fight for the rights of people in our Erie community and to help bring you justice. We have many years of experience in erisa claims cases. Rest assured that you will be in good hands with us. We build a strong case aimed at bringing every important detail of your erisa claims case to light and to achieve the most realistic results possible. 

You work hard to provide for yourself and your family, but when you hurt yourself and have no way of continuing to work, Edelstein Martin & Nelson is here to help you. We have helped clients form all over Erie with their erisa claims claims. We know that a erisa claims can leave you without work and without a way to provide for your family, and even worse, pay for your medical bills. 

If you are looking for a erisa claims attorney in the Erie area, you have already seen that you have almost a limitless amount of options. So how do you go about choosing one to help you with your erisa claims case? Edelstein Martin & Nelson has many years experience dealing with erisa claims claims and getting our clients the best results despite insurance companies trying to give a low payout. 

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At Edelstein Martin & Nelson we know how to be friendly and personable to clients. As soon as you call our office about your erisa claims matter, we go to work to make you feel confident about your relationship with your representation. One of the most successful strategies for case management we found after many years in practice is to always be honest with our clients. Call us using the following information to speak with an experienced Erie area attorney for free today:

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