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 The legal representation you receive at Edelstein Martin & Nelson will give you ample time to come up with a settlement goal for your Allentown area case. We are prepared to go to trial and take other actions in your Erisa Claims case to reach your goal. With this information and our many years of experience, your Allentown Erisa Claims case will receive the most effective representation possible. 

If you have been the victim of negligence, which has resulted in a Erisa Claims, then it is time to call Edelstein Martin & Nelson. Throughout our many years working with clients throughout Allentown we have always made sure to work tirelessly in order to get them the results they want and the proper compensation. 

At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we have a passion for helping clients who have been injured or a family member has had a wrongful death. We have been helping clients throughout the Allentown area for many years, and we have used all this time to refine our tactics. Trust us for your Erisa Claims needs in Allentown.

Edelstein Martin & Nelson has built our practice many years by protecting the rights of  normal people in Erisa Claims cases. We work hard to make sure  justice is accomplished with your Allentown injury matter. While we are prepared for trial, Edelstein Martin & Nelson knows how to use settlement negotiations and other alternative dispute resolutions, like non-biding arbitration or mediation, to obtain fair compensation for our Erisa Claims clients. You will always receive the best service within the Allentown area working with our Erisa Claims firm. Contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson to schedule a consultation:

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