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We are an experienced firm with many years working with clients throughout the Allentown area. We have learned how to get our clients the best results in their Erisa Claims case. We have learned how to best deal with insurance companies sin the Allentown area when they are responding to Erisa Claims claims. Trust us to get you the results you want out of your Erisa Claims case. 

When we argue for our Erisa Claims clients, we make sure that we draw on our many years of experience in order to take advantage of the knowledge we have gained over time. At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we make sure to always be aggressive and ensure we put our knowledge to work for your case in Allentown. 

The Edelstein Martin & Nelson is a leading personal injury law firm servicing Allentown. With a track record of success in helping families after a serious injury accident or seeking justice after the loss of a loved one, we only handle serious injury and wrongful death cases and intentionally limit the number of cases we accept to give personal attention to our clients. When you put your trust in Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we strive to make the process as stress free as possible. Our goal is to maximize your compensation. The Edelstein Martin & Nelson represents clients who have been injured by the neglect or carelessness of others, and have been helping victims and their families for almost three decades. We focus on car accidents, semi truck accidents, wrongful death, day care injury, dram shop or DWI accident cases and fires or explosions.

The legal profession does not have the best reputation for friendliness, but the Erisa Claims representation at Edelstein Martin & Nelson makes an extra effort to relate to our clients. Sometimes we have to be strict in our representation, but after many years, of practicing the law  we know the best attorney-client relationships  is one built on trust and open communication. Contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson today using the information below to schedule a free consultation: 

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