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With little warning, your life and the lives of your loved ones in the Levittown area may drastically change due to having to go through a Erisa Appeal case. Edelstein Martin & Nelson will not let the negligence of another get in the way of your happiness. Your health, your ability to earn a living and your ability to enjoy a normal life is important to us, so we will devote our firm to ensuring your Erisa Appeal case gets the attention it deserves. With many years of experience, we'll put every minute of ours to work for you and get you a clean trial with the results you want.

The Levittown law firm of Edelstein Martin & Nelson serves the legal needs of Erisa Appeal victims throughout the area. Here at Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we lend our aid to any client throughout the Levittown area who have suffered a wrongful death of a loved one, an at work accident or any other personal injury. Our firm not only works in the Levittown area, we also offer statewide services so no matter where you are, we can help you get the results you need. 

When our law firm was funded, we knew that Edelstein Martin & Nelson would be a name that people could trust. For many years, we have been helping individuals throughout Levittown recover from the accidents that they have suffered. We know you need to be able to pay off your medical bills or any bills that are a result of your accident, and our Erisa Appeal legal team will work tirelessly to ensure you receive it.

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The system does not have anyone to look out for regular people, but by hiring Edelstein Martin & Nelson as your legal representation, you can begin to fight back against people who do not care about your life. A large part of our representation, in your Erisa Appeal case, will be geared towards communicating the status of your case. We have found after many years  the best outcomes happen when the client is kept informed of their interests. Call our office using the information below to speak with a Levittown area representative:

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