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Edelstein Martin & Nelson knows how difficult it can be to deal with any serious Erisa Appeal matter on a daily basis. We also know you should not have to suffer emotionally or financially because of the negligence another persons actions. Our priority is you, defining and executing your case, succeeding in court and attaining the best results for a just resolution and fair financial compensation.

Have you suffered a personal injury in Erie? Edelstein Martin & Nelson can help you by providing the representation you need in order to make sure you get compensation from your Erisa Appeal case. For many years we have helped clients in need, and your struggle will be our focus when we start working with you.

If you are dealing with the law in the Erie area, you know how difficult and tedious the process can be. When you put your trust in the experts at Edelstein Martin & Nelson, you are hiring competent and intelligent professionals who will be able to take your unique Erisa Appeal case in the Erie area and help you to try and get the results that you want. If you have been seriously injured in an accident in the Erie area and are planning on making a Erisa Appeal claim, do not deal with the insurance companies alone.

For many cases, the most important aspect of the Erisa Appeal legal representation is settlement negotiations. Edelstein Martin & Nelson makes firm demands to the opposing counsel and only stops negotiating when you feel satisfied with a settlement. When you are looking for a Erisa Appeal firm within the Erie area, you need someone who will devote adequate resources to your case. We are confident in our initial assessment of your legal rights and use our many years of experience to find the best cases. Contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson using the information below for a free consultation: 

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