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A serious disability matter can be a major hurdle to your daily life. After a disability you could be facing expensive medical bills, down time from work and a resulting lack of income. If you are stuck facing these problems alone in Allentown, Edelstein Martin & Nelson can work with you to get you the compensation you deserve. 

A disability can impact your life in all the wrong ways. Your ability to work may be affected and so your family in Allentown may suffer. If you want to make sure that you and your family are well taken care of, call Edelstein Martin & Nelson. We can help you make a claim and get the compensation you need to pay off medical bills in Allentown and perhaps even provide for your family. 

Edelstein Martin & Nelson knows that no lawsuit can undo a tragedy. our disability firm also knows that the law is on your side when you have been the victim of negligence in Allentown, and you will be able to get the proper compensation from a disability case. 

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While some people might malign the profession, Edelstein Martin & Nelson  knows that at its heart disability cases are about righting a wrong.  That knowledge drives our passion and is the reason we come to work every day to serve the Allentown region.  We want you to feel completely comfortable with your disability service.  Our firm takes steps to disassociate themselves from Allentown defense counsel and defendants.  After many years in business, we know where our alliances lay.  Contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson using the below information to schedule a free consultation:

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