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Your insurance company will do everything they can to make sure you Disability Claims claim does not result in you getting the amount of money you deserve. Their job is to make sure your Pittsburgh case will not hurt them financially. At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, our job is to make sure you get everything you are entitled despite the efforts of an adjuster. For all of your needs during a Disability Claims case in Pittsburgh, we will provide our service and treat you with respect and attention. 

Getting leverage in a dispute in Pittsburgh demands that you work with a skilled counsel. If you are challenging an insurance company in a Disability Claims claim for an accident that happened due to the negligence of another, Edelstein Martin & Nelson is here to help you. We provide experienced counseling so you are not facing your insurance company alone in Pittsburgh.  

With many years of practice, we are confident in our ability to put our client's interests first. Edelstein Martin & Nelson focuses on the client's circumstance and Disability Claims law to create tailored advice to help Pittsburgh area clients meet their goals. Throughout the process, we will use our many years of experience to research related cases to ensure the proper defense for you. 

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Our practice, Edelstein Martin & Nelson has been helping residents of the Pittsburgh area deal with Disability Claims claims for many years. We want to bring our experience to your unique Disability Claims case. Give us a call today at (215) 858-8440 and we will start working together towards the success of your Disability Claims claim. 

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