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Here at Edelstein Martin & Nelson we always give our Pittsburgh clients our undivided attention and make sure we are staying in contact at the most critical of times. A Disability Benefits matter is not simple to handle and requires efficient and knowledgeable legal services, and with our many years in the Disability Benefits field, we are confident of ourselves in this respect. 

With many years of experience litigating Disability Benefits cases for our clients, Edelstein Martin & Nelson has a proven record of strong representation for those in need of it. With an expertise in the Disability Benefits practice and a strong attention to detail, we can improve your chances of finding success. 

When you need help and guidance with a Disability Benefits case, you need to work with the professional and knowledgeable legal team at Edelstein Martin & Nelson. We have worked with Pittsburgh clients with Disability Benefits claims for many years, and we constantly put this experience to work for our clients. 

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