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After many years of advocating for Philadelphia area clients, Edelstein Martin & Nelson has obtained extensive trial experience. We know how to frame the issues in your Disability Benefits case in a way that local juries can understand and identify with. Taking and winning complex Disability Benefits cases is something Edelstein Martin & Nelson has lots of experience in and has learned how to master. 

Edelstein Martin & Nelson is based in Philadelphia but we serve throughout the area and outside of it. We handle all sorts of Disability Benefits cases. We are fully dedicated to making sure the residents of the Philadelphia area are well taken care of when it comes to their financial rights. We put our many years of experience to work for any kind of Disability Benefits case in the Philadelphia area. 

Honesty, diligence and accessible advice will be the hallmarks of our representation concerning your Disability Benefits case. Client communication is only one aspect of the services Edelstein Martin & Nelson provide to our Philadelphia area clients, but it is increadibly important to our success. Insurance companies have their own Disability Benefits lawyers, and so should you.

Edelstein Martin & Nelson will work hard to prove the other party was at fault in the events leading to your Disability Benefits case. Fundamentally this is important because of the way the law works within the Philadelphia area and the state. Disability Benefits lawsuits are messy, but they also are an opportunity to restore justice to your life. Contact Edelstein Martin & Nelsonto schedule a consultation today:

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